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At our store in Greenside we have a team of fully trained guru’s ready and waiting to chat about your health whether it be physical or mental. When you visit our store you will be given the time and attention you need to help you navigate through the many health and wellness solutions we have on offer. We offer a personal experience where you can have your specific products couriered to you wherever you are, chat to us via whatsapp with your concerns or simply be notified when something suited to you is released or new in stock. Let us walk the journey to health with you.

Body Sonic

The human body is a compilation of a number of cells, which are in continuous growth development, differentiation and regeneration. 25 Million cells are divided every second in an adult’s body, and the body’s blood cells consistently renew at the rate of about 100 million cells per minute. In the process of cell division and growth, those charged bodies of atomic nucleus are constantly moving and changing and in the process constantly emitting electromagnetic waves. Dr Reinhold Voll discovered in 1959 that the body’s organs emitted different measurable electromagnetic waves. By decoding these waves with a device like the BodySonic, one can quickly and accurately assesses the body’s health status.

The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represents the specific health state of the body. When the body is healthy or under pressure from a disease the waves are different. By measuering these specific electromagnetic wave signals, one can determine the status of the body’s condition. By applying this principle and traditional Chinese acupuncture analysis, the BodySonic can be described as a sophisticated “electric formalization” of quantum energy healing.

Quantum healing considers that the most fundamental reason of falling sick is that the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change, thereby causing the change of atoms that in turn cause the change of small bio-molecules, the change of big bio-molecules, the change of all the cells and finally the change of organs. Because the electron is a charged matter, when the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change, the electromagnetic wave emitted by the atoms will change and this change can be measured by instruments like the BodySonic.

The subject holds a sensor in one hand and then the energy of the electromagnetic wave changes caused by the changes of the human body’s disease and the physical changes in the nutritional status is measured by comparing the results with the resonances spectra of standard quantum of diseases and nutrition indicators as set in the BodySonic’s database.

After the frequency and energy are amplified by the instrument and processed by the software the corresponding quantum value is evaluated from negative to positive output.

The size of the quantum value indicates the nature and extent of the disease and the nutrition levels. Finally the test results are resolved by clinicians. For example, cancer cells are different from normal cells, and the electromagnetic waves emitted by normal cells are also different from the electromagnetic waves emitted by normal cells. If there are cancer cells in the human body, resonance will occur, and the instrument will detect the signal. The more the number of cancer cells, the more intense the signal is, and the quantum value tends to be the negative value. If there are no cancer cells, resonance with not occur, and the quantum value tends to the positive value. It’s similar to the principle of listening to broadcasting from the radio. There are many radio waves in the air, if one wants to listen to a specific radio station; one cab set the radio to the corresponding frequency. Quantum resonance uses this principle for testing the body’s health condition.

An example how the BodySonic tests a system is for instance analyses of the gastrointestinal function. (The digestive system)

Each session is 60 minutes long and costs R500/ session.

Blood Analysis

Live Blood cells analysis involves the examination of a fresh drop of living blood under a high-power-video microscope that has a closed circuit system which projects the microscopic image onto a computer screen for simultaneous viewing by both the technician and the patient.

Live cell analysis is an excellent means of viewing by microscope, the red blood cells, various types of white blood cells, platelets, and blood plasma, just as they function in the body. The test itself is quite simple. A drop of blood is taken from your finger and placed on a microscope slide for viewing. The image from the slide is transmitted to a computer monitor so you can observe what the blood cells are revealing. The drop of blood is magnified 1000 times and to the trained examiner many accurate observations can be made. The presence of: Yeast, fungus, parasites, bacteria, active somewhere on the body, damaged cells, cholesterol crystals, and uric acid crystals are easily identified. The size and shape of the red blood cells indicate nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems, absorption problems, and the damaging effects of free radicals. Organ malfunction is also evident in the live blood cell analysis. It allows the direct inspection and interpretation of over fifty possible features of the bloodstream, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

Each session is 60 minutes long and costs R500/ session.

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