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Colon Support


Colon Support for Constipation, Sluggish Colon, Colon Detox

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This formula is not a laxative. Colon Support contains:

*Sacred bark – non-habit forming colon stimulator, stool softener, regulates peristaltic movement.
*Barberry – liver stimulant, prevents diarrhea, encourages enzyme production.
*Rhubarb – gastric stimulant, anti-inflammatory.
*Goldenseal – natural antibiotic, detoxifier, repairs mucous membranes.
*Raspberry leaf – tones colon muscles, antispasmodic.
*Cramp bark – nerve and muscle relaxant, antispasmodic.
*Ginger – increases absorption, increases circulation, reduces bloating and gas.
*Fennel – warms the digestive system, reduces pain caused by gas.
*Licorice – increases gastric juices, repairs colon walls. (Not enough to influence blood pressure)
*Cayenne – increases blood flow, increases oxygen to cells.
*Slippery elm – soothing and protecting for ulceration and inflammation in the digestive system.


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