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Introducing Benfotiamine from Cancure – The Fat-Soluble Form of Vitamin B1 for Enhanced
Absorption and Nerve Support.

Managing nerve pain and other complications related to diabetes or vitamin B1 deficiency can
be extremely challenging. While there are pharmaceutical options available, more and more
people are seeking natural alternatives to promote nerve health.

That’s why Cancure offers Benfotiamine – a bioavailable, fat-soluble form of vitamin B1
clinically shown to support healthy nerve function.
Benfotiamine features a unique open-ring molecule that passes easily into cells, raising vitamin
B1 levels significantly compared to regular thiamine supplements.

This special structure contributes to Benfotiamine’s beneficial effects:

• Eases Nerve Pain and Numbness
• Supports Nerve Regeneration
• Protects Against Cell Damage
• Promotes Healthy Cognitive Function

The key ingredient is Benfotiamine (fat-soluble
vitamin B1), at a level of 300 mg per capsule.
Benfotiamine contains no artificial colours, flavours or

The suggested dosage is 1 capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare provider.
Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

So if you’re looking for targeted nerve support, choose Benfotiamine from Cancure. It
leverages the power of a bioavailable B1 derivative to promote nerve health, comfort, and an
active lifestyle.