Who We Are

At Cancure we walk the journey to health with you, we encourage you to start by booking a health assessment/blood analysis or body sonar session. This session will equip you with an understanding of what your body needs to perform optimally and for you to feel like the best version of yourself.

You will then be able to visit us in future with your concerns, chat to us personally about any health problems or have us courier your products to you monthly.

Welcome to the Cancure family, we are all on this journey together.

Our Values

NATURE is at the core of our value system, it provides all the answers we are searching for, if we just stop and listen once in a while we may just be surprised at what we have the ability to hear.

Meet the team.

The Cancure Wellness Team

Meet Pierre

PJ van Mossevelde, our literal health guru is our go to guy for all alternative health treatments. He was first introduced to health and nutrition while working as a counsellor at a drug rehabilitation center in Pretoria’s Magistrate courts. They used nutrition and supplementation as part of their rehabilitation programme.

It was at this time that he was introduced to the health industry through his wife Althea van Mossevelde. Her father was the well-known author, radio talk show personality Richard Penfound, a self-taught herbalist and nutritionist. He had his own chain of health and wellness stores in the north of Johannesburg.

Pierre joined the family business and trained under Richard for some years to become a well-known practitioner in his own right. On a trip to Los Angeles he by chance came across a health practitioner specialising in micro circulation which is a non-invasive blood analysis. A microscopic analysis of micro capillaries used to diagnose medical conditions. On return to South Africa Pierre studied and successfully completed the study of microcirculation. Pierre practiced as a microcirculationist for a period of three years in the greater Johannesburg era doing corporate wellness events and house calls.

It was at this time Dr Derek Johnson a well-known Iridologist and Naturopath was practicing from the Sandton city family business. Pierre became his apprentice and studied under his guidance completing his courses in Anatomy, physiology, herbalism and vitality. He also completed basic hemetology and studied and completed dark field microscopy. Pierre became the full-time consultant practicing from Sandton city. He has been in practice for a total of 18 years and has acquired an international following. People travel from around the world to meet with him. He has many success stories that are documented. He has become a specialist in alternative treatments for a variety of conditions and afflictions.

Meet Carol Lynette Grave

Carol believes our bodies have the ability to heal themselves and with the help of the right tools we can change our lives and begin to experience a healthier more fulfilled life.

Carol’s journey of self-healing really began in earnest in 2013 and she found the experience to be so life changing that she knew these techniques to be powerful and from this grew her passion to want to share these body stress relief techniques with others. Because of her own experiences she is able to understand and connect more easily with each person’s unique situation. Carol also continuously monitors and manages her own well-being, and more specifically her nervous system, in order to be in the best possible space to support her clients through their own journey of release, rebalance and renewal.

As each client is unique, her approach is always to put their needs first and this is where she draws not just on her knowledge and experiences, but also utilises other wellness professionals. It is this integrative approach that helps her clients really
experience results and empowers them to move forward and enjoy a healthier and happier life.

In short Carol assists men/woman and children who are experiencing anything from: high anxiety/stress or feelings of overwhelm in their daily lives; victims of sexual or physical abuse whether recent or past; people who are battling to recover from injuries such as back or hip pains / neck or shoulder pains, people who struggle with addictions/substance abuse; to people who have been exposed to armed robberies, hijackings or been involved in an accident. She creates a safe space and using body based techniques works with clients who have experienced traumatic events and do not wish to discuss or relive these events in order to heal and bring their bodies back to homeostasis.

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